Beyond the Brushstrokes


It was during my sophomore year at Carthage College that I started learning to express worship through art. It began as a personal expression just on my own or with a friend. Soon, I joined the worship band for my local Intervarsity chapter from time to time and paint during large group worship time. God has continued to bless me with opportunities to serve Him through painting during worship at meetings, conferences, and with Christian singer/songwriters Phil Wickham and Bethany Dillon. It's in these moments of worship when I believe we can be able to see a different face of God through a new way of worshipping Him. We are asked to give all that we have to God and this is a way for me to help others worship by giving my artistic talents back to Him. Below are some paintings that were painted during personal or larger group worship times.  If you would like more information, please check out the Contact page.